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RoofingSmiths have a growing network of local RoofingSmiths ready to take your new-roof design visions and turn them into reality. The team of expert roof fitters understand the importance of choosing the right roof profile for the right build.

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LOCAL: Not only are our RoofingSmiths teams highly technically skilled, but they can also provide you with the recommendation of the correct roof profile for the build. Understanding how key factors such as climate, council regulations impact on roof selection can make all the difference in choosing the right, or wrong roof for the job. 

EXPERIENCED: RoofingSmiths have installed roofs onto some of the most exclusive, multi-million dollar properties in New Zealand, and understand that a roof is not just about function, it’s about design. RoofingSmiths have the experience and understanding to meet the demands of any roofing project, and will get the job done to the highest standard. 

EXPERT: RoofingSmiths have always prided themselves on providing the highest quality training to their workers. All our team have been trained and accredited in line with strict European standards. This ensures that all our RoofingSmiths have the appropriate expertise to install the premium European profiles Dimond Roofing produce to the highest quality.

PROFESSIONAL: RoofingSmiths is New Zealand’s professional roofing company. Site health and safety is paramount, all our staff undergo training and development, and as a business we are continually improving the efficiency of our systems and processes in order to deliver a quality, safe and on time service.

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RoofingSmiths has been involved in a wide range of projects. We’ve installed new roofing and cladding systems into the New Zealand market and showcase them on some of the country’s leading construction developments.

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