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Meet Duncan Corlett, Owner Of RoofingSmiths Christchurch

Why Did You Join The RoofingSmiths Network?

At the time I was looking to expand my Taranaki-based roofing business into the Christchurch market. I had noticed the Dimond Roofing brand was really strong in Christchurch. 

From experience, I knew that their products were good. Belonging to the RoofingSmiths Network offered exclusive rights to install their premium architectural trays and Solar-Rib, giving me a competitive advantage. 

How are you enjoying being part of the network?

It’s great, I get the support from one of the Country’s largest roll formers as well as being a part of a craftsman network leveraging the marketing and technical support. 

What are the main benefits for you?

Being part of the Dimond Roofing brand has been a massive boost to my business. Everyone in Christchurch knows the Dimond Roofing name and this has really worked for us, as our customers enjoy dealing with a trusted brand. Having the backing of an existing well-established brand has meant that I can spend more time building my business rather than having to work on raising my business profile.

The practical benefits of joining the RoofingSmiths network have also been huge, particularly the extensive support provided for new products, and their active sales team that regularly bring in new business and help wherever they can. 

Has it been good for your business?

I began my RoofingSmiths business in January 2013, specialising in high-turnover builds. We use long run corrugated roofing and the full range of residential profiles such as solar-rib and the heritage tray. Ten months later, my business is getting some good traction and I am gratified to see turnover growing every month.

Much of this success I put down to being part of the RoofingSmiths network and their business model, as it is a simple model which really works. I’ve set up several businesses over the years and this was definitely the easiest. Dimond Roofing pitched in, helping to develop an integrated marketing campaign, providing signage and making sure we hit the ground running. 

Would you recommend other roofers around the country to join the network?

I would definitely recommend the RoofingSmiths network to other roofers in New Zealand. Over and above the economic advantages of being part of this network, I get to deal with real people, in an equal partnership. This is a key factor for my business, where other organisations may try to dictate terms, RoofingSmiths gives me the control - so when I decide to do something for my business, I can just get on and do it. 

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