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New Build, New You

Your dream home is waiting, what does it look like, where are you, how do you want to feel in its presence? 

Are you perched on a hill overlooking watching the sunset glow over vast views of the countryside or are you hidden in the depth of Aotearoa's forest, where the wind rustling through trees and birdsong keeps you company?

Is there sand between your toes, waves crashing in the background and the sound of laughter as children play on the beach? 

Or perhaps you're one for hustle and bustle and are building a home to match your working lifestyle, in the city that never sleeps? 

Where ever you are, whoever your new build is for, RoofingSmiths are prepared to work hand in hand with your architect, designer or builder, helping to make you, your families or your clients, dreams for their new build a reality. 

V Rib Makorori Beach House 565x550 3
V Rib Makorori Beach House 565x550 1

Your roof can form 30% of your street frontage, below are a few tried and true steps to help achieve the look you're after:

New builds are both an exciting and daunting process, however, the end result, a home that reflects you, your family or your clients, makes the blood, sweat and tears worth it. The roof and cladding of your home set the tone for your new build, so capturing the aesthetic you desire is as high a priority as the environmental factors to consider, ensuring your new build remains a place to call home long after its completion.

  • Your architect or designer can advise you on how to achieve the look you want for your home within building code requirements
  • With your design decided, you're ready to pick your roof profile. Here you'll factor in things like the style of house you're building, and the pitch of your roof (check out our profile options here)
  • We'll work closely with your builder or designer to check and confirm what substrate (material and paint finish) you need for the environment your house is located in, as this will impact your warranty.
  • Now it's time to pick a colour. Points to consider should include the colour you're painting the house, your landscaping, the colours of surrounding houses and whether you want to fit in or stand out. Also, be mindful that some new developments have colour covenants you must work within
  • Another thing to consider is how your roof might be able to extend the usage of your outdoor areas e.g. covering an outdoor seating area, or using clear lighting sheets to extend sunshine hours. Check out our range of natural lighting to extend your outdoor living areas
  • Finally, remember to get your warranty off your builder, this could cover you for up to 30 years depending on your environment and substrate