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Experts in the field, with a reputation that's backed by NZ's lead roofing supplier Dimond Roofing. RoofingSmiths are here to make your roofing and cladding dream a reality. Whether the service you require is for a new build, a home in need of re-roofing or a commercial project, get in touch and we'll work together and make it happen!

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Knowing where to begin when you need or want to re-roof your home can be an overwhelming experience, that's where we come in! As RoofingSmiths you can trust that we're experts in our field who pride ourselves in quality work, high-end custo...

New Build

Your dream home is waiting, what does it look like, where are you, how do you want to feel in its presence?  Are you perched on a hill overlooking watching the sunset glow over vast views of the countryside or are you hidden in the depth ...


RoofingSmiths have worked on a number of major commercial builds, including Mitre 10 Mega, Bunnings Warehouse, Cadbury’s, Syliva Park Hoyt's Cinema, Otago Office Furniture and more. Our association with Dimond Roofing and their award-win...