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A roof keeps the rain out and the warmth in. It can add or detract value from your property; When it comes down to choosing a roof there are a range of decisions you need to make, a gauntlet of factors that affect the best choice for you, and finally design and colour.

RoofingSmiths are independently owned & operated teams of expert roofers that understand the importance of choosing the right roof profile for the right home and installing the roof correctly.

They are also handpicked by Dimond Roofing as their preferred installers of architectural products, with this comes the reputation of a brand that is known throughout New Zealand to represent solid and reliable service and construction.

By choosing RoofingSmiths you can be sure that you have chosen not only a premium quality product, but a premium quality service qualified to turn your design visions into reality and ensure your roof is installed to the highest standards.   

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Don’t wait until your roof starts to leak – by the time you notice the leak, the structural damage could already be done. Roofs past their use-by-date can be dangerous, dampness can cause all sorts of health issues and old tiles are prone to falling or collapsing in – as was most evident in the Christchurch earthquakes. Not to mention they create a rusty eyesore that devalues your home.

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Roofing Smith’s has been involved in a wide range of projects. We’ve installed new roofing and cladding systems into the New Zealand market and showcase them on some of the country’s leading construction developments.

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