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Meet John & Sandi Hawke, Owners of RoofingSmiths Nelson

As the owners of Ultimate Roofing Nelson, John and Sandi Hawke had established a successful roofing business. Focusing on metal tiles as well as spouting and fascia, they had built a strong client base and earned a reputation as a local company that consistently delivered exceptional service and workmanship.

‘We definitely had a good thing going, says John, ‘so we could understand it when people wondered why we were joining RoofingSmiths’.

But the Hawkes knew they’d be strengthening their business by teaming up with RoofingSmiths. ‘After exploring their offering, we quickly realised that their range of products, coupled with their advanced support systems, would help us grow our roofing business.

‘We put our trust in the concept and it’s starting to pay off. We have good forward work; the local builders & architects are all becoming familiar with what we can do and it’s good to be able to offer those options to new and existing clients.’

‘The Dimond Roofing team seeded our business with the tools and support to hit the ground running. And from there they’ve worked alongside us, our clients and local architects to ensure there is a clear understanding of the intricate details involved in architectural cladding systems.” says John.

‘That local support, combined with strong branding and compelling marketing initiatives, give us real market presence - we’re part of an organisation that is much more than just a local independent roofing installer. That gives us a significant group buying power, as well as the ability to share ideas and resources with roofers right around the country.’